Caribbean Lottery
Eight ways to strike cash !!

About Us.

WNK-Plus started as an informative page with mounds of informations about the Lottery systems of the Caribbean islands.  On this page we started to offer you, our visitors updates on the numbers played each day and a comlete historical database of numbers played in the past.  

The historical database consists of numbers played daily for 5 lotteries, namely:  

  1. Wega di Number Kòrsou 
  2. Smartplay (Evening)
  3. Diario
  4. Flamingo (WNB)
  5. Sto. Domingo (Quinela Leidsa/Nacional)

Due to extensive requests for the chance to place bets on these lottery games, we partnered with the Caribbean Lottery team to bring you the opportunity to have a little bit of home all the way in Europe.  Through this online portal or the Caribbean Lottery Mobile app you can become members and place all the bets you desire  through a safe online portal.  

Once you download our App or click on "Buy numbers online" menu item you can become a member and as such you will receive access to buy numbers, have a wallet on the portal to instantly receive your winnings, view the latest results, view your purchases of the past as well as the numbers you won with in the past and much more...  Caribbean Lottery provides you the chance to bet in Euros and receive the prices in Euros.  So bet 1 Euro on a 4 digit number  and win a price money of Max 3.000,00 per each 1 Euro placed.  more info on rules and prices can be found in the app under menu item "info".

There is also a contact page for the members on the app or the buy numbers link in this menu so you can contact us via e-mail, whatsapp or phone call if you need our assistance.

Hope to see you soon on our paradise App: Caribbean Lottery.