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Our Garantees.

Caribbean Lottery is aware that purchasing service and items online is a way of living motivated and driven by globalization.  Hence, CL has implemented 7 security measures to keep you, your information and your winnings secure, namely:

  1. You are sending money over the internet and Caribbean Lottery wants you to feel safe during this process.  So, Caribbean Lottery partnered with the best online payment services on the market, like: Paypal, iDeal, Sofort, MultiSafePay, PayPro and UnionPay to make sure that there is proper encryption, security and GDPR approved handling of personal data.
  2. Our mobile app is also protected with military grade encryption, GDPR approved data protection, Secure socket layer and Distributed Data Management making it impossible for any unauthorized person to gain access to a member's data.
  3. To prevent any fraud happening from our side to your and also from the member's side to ours, Caribbean Lottery implements the financial and fraud protect service of the giants Paypal, MultiSafePay, iDeal, PayPro, Wise and N26 to prevent any wrong doing towards the banking system, the member as well as Caribbean Lottery.
  4. Payment/Product Guarantee.  Caribbean Lottery is committed to excellence so, we subjected our system to the claim resolution process of the payment processing companies like Paypal, MultiSafePay, iDeal, Sofort, and PayPro.  This means that if there is any problem with receiving the winnings or product that you are owed, the member can Claim Caribbean Lottery if we have not provided the winnings that the member is owed through the same payment platform that the payment was made.  
  5. Caribbean Lottery has provided a contact info on this page for the event that if something went wrong Caribbean Lottery can solve it quick and maintain a satified member of our community.
  6. The member can at any time request their winnings (part or total) to be sent to the members SEPA or US bank account or paypal or Wise account by submitting a withdrawal request and providing IBAN, bank account and SWIFT info or e-mail for Paypal or Wise account.  Within 24 hours after you confirm this request within you e-mail, Caribbean Lottery will make payment to your choice of account.
  7. In order for the Client to be sure that they have received the bet that they have placed, Caribbean Lottery has a 2-fold system to inform the member of their purchase:  
  • An incrypted email will be sent to the member's e-mail account with their purchase and the invoice number, date, bets purchased and amount paid through the payment system to verify the purchase
  • A direct booking of the purchased bets per day in the member's profile history certifying that the purchase was made.